Jayla O.


I love Little Flower! I’m trying to remember If I’ve ever felt this strongly, this quickly about a character. She has taken me back to my fifth grade year.. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed just looking at Bailey Hines! ‘Funny how people just appreciate flowers and don’t care about size, shape, color or anything else about them. People care about that stuff though, when it comes to other people. ”There on the second page Little Flower speaks the truth with insights that no ten year old should have to recognize. For me, she set the hook and I could hardly wait to find out how she handled this wisdom. The conversational tone of this first person narrative leaves me feeling that a friend has been periodically updating me on her life. The author has taught important life lessons in a style that is so appealing it takes a while to realize that is exactly what has happened. Closing the cover of the book leaves me wanting more.. Wonder where I could find Little Flower’s phone number? – Mrs. Jonny L. Trotti, Retired School Librarian.

This book is about Little Flower learning to get power over things that she has learned in her life. She also learned about Civil Rights and segregation. She talked about her hobbies such as, painting and growing flowers. Little Flower has learned a lot of things in her life and the lessons make her stronger. Little Flower made me feel encouraged by her adventures. In the book, I liked the part about Little Flower and the chili bowl the most. I learned that there is always a challenge in life. I want to share this book with my family because they could learn something. Little Flower got her power from the people in her life and it made her strong.  –Nyla E.


My daughter and I love to read books together and this was an excellent book for us to discuss important topics of special needs, bullying, racism, Civil Rights, segregation, the challenges of growing up, parental/familial relationships, school relationships, and more—all from the perspective of a young girl in a critical period in history. This book was well written as it is crucial for educational reads to be entertaining and engaging. The interactive digital content within is also unique. My daughter and I highly recommend this book! Lili L.


This Little Flower book makes me feel positive about myself. She always encouraged herself whenever no one else did. It makes me feel like I can do the same. What I like about this story is how she was always able to talk to her mom about things. I also like when she went to school in chapter five, when she loved to sing and music. I would encourage my friends to read this book because it is a good book. I think all kids should have a chance to read this book so that it would also help them to encourage themselves. Little Flower got her power from Civil Rights. This title means to me, that you have strength in yourself and you can use it.  –Taliyah S.

This book is about a little girl named, Flori Alicia Bell. Because someone gives you a name, it doesn’t mean that it is the best name for you. Flori made up her mind that she wanted to be called “Little Flower”. I loved this book and it excited me because Little Flower is unique in her own little way. Her father was a pastor and her mother, a first grade teacher. I learned from this book that anyone can find power in little places. I would encourage my friends to read it because I learned a lot from it. Little Flower got her power from her father since he was her role model. – Brenre T.


I bought this book thinking it was for children and I was going to give it to my niece.  I thought it was just a children’s book, but after reading it, I found out it’s for both. I love the book. It had me laughing,  and it had me crying. It spoke about something I have a passion for, which  is stopping bullying of children. Little flower did what I would have done which is take up for them. She did something about it, and started a club. Now I’m going to buy one for my niece. I recommend this also for adults. -Brenda R.


Little Flower has opened up a window with a breeze of fresh air flowing through it and it has captivated our children.

Young readers from the HOLLA! Reading Club were inspired to do research papers after reading Little Flower. Below are the subjects that Little Flower inspired them to learn more about. (Excerpts from video recordings.) #1 – Little Flower inspired me to write an essay about the church bombings in Birmingham. #2 – Little Flower inspired me to write about the bus boycotts, the Civil Rights Movement, and how Mrs. Rosa Parks was forced to give up her seat, but she refused. #3 – Reading Little Flower has inspired me to write a report on the Montgomery Bus Boycotts. #4 – Little Flower’s book inspired me to do research on the March on Washington. #5 – Little Flower inspired me to do research on the Civil Rights Movement and my topic is Ruby Bridges. Ruby Bridges worked to have equal education in schools.#6 – Reading Little Flower inspired me to do research on Civil Rights and Malcolm X. #7 – Little Flower inspired me to do an essay about the church bombing in Birmingham. #8- Little Flower inspired me to look up Rosa Parks. #9 – The Little Flower book has inspired me to do research on Civil Rights and I chose race riots in Detroit. 

-Resident Teacher – J. Pettiford and Certified Tutor for United Way’s ReadWriteServe</i></b>

Great book! I found “The Little Flower Different Deserves Special Club” to be an inspirational read. Throughout the book I was reminded of how my life developed living in a small southern town. Dr. Griffin hits the nail dead on it’s head and keeps you wanting to read more. – Peggy Z.

The first line of this book just immediately pulls you in. Then after that you just keep reading because it is so good and so interesting.  This book is perfect for teachers, classrooms, and all children 8 and older! Go get this book because it discusses the experiences of a young girl growing up in the segregated south during the Civil Rights Era! How awesome is that? You will learn so much from this book! -Kaitlyn B.

Again, another wonderful book by Dr. Griffin. I loved it -Velva M.