2016 Zora Neale Hurston Award Recipient!

American Library Association


The Little Flower Literacy Project integrates art, traditional storytelling, and trans-media storytelling, with standards-based curriculum to encourage equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion, and combat bullying, discrimination, intolerance, and racism.


The Little Flower Literacy Project’s newest offering is The Little Flower Different Deserves Special Club Educational Series and Packaged Curriculum, which includes a 250 page Chapter Book, Reader Response Journal, and Curriculum Development Guide with 18 standards-based lessons.

“Little Flower has opened up a window with a breeze of fresh air flowing through it and it has captivated our children.”

Mrs. Johnie Pettiford, Teacher and Certified Tutor for United Way’s ReadWriteServe.


A teacher and two students



“I love Little Flower! I’m trying to remember If I’ve ever felt this strongly, this quickly about a character. She has taken me back to my fifth grade year.. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed just looking at Bailey Hines! ‘Funny how people just appreciate flowers and don’t care about size, shape, color or anything else about them. People care about that stuff though, when it comes to other people. ”There on the second page Little Flower speaks the truth with insights that no ten year old should have to recognize. For me, she set the hook and I could hardly wait to find out how she handled this wisdom. The conversational tone of this first person narrative leaves me feeling that a friend has been periodically updating me on her life. The author has taught important life lessons in a style that is so appealing it takes a while to realize that is exactly what has happened. Closing the cover of the book leaves me wanting more.. Wonder where I could find Little Flower’s phone number?”   – Mrs. Jonny L. Trotti, Retired School Librarian


The Little Flower Doll® is an 18″ Collectible Doll that critics say rivals the American Girl Doll in quality.  Our Little  Flower, a Multicultural Ambassador for Civil Rights and Anti-Bullying,” is not only a cute doll, but also one who educates. Her soft body is red in color in honor of those who shed blood during the Civil Rights Movement.