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“Little Flower has opened up a window with a breeze of fresh air flowing through it and it has captivated our children.”

Mrs. Johnie Pettiford, Teacher and Certified Tutor for United Way’s ReadWriteServe.


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A Little Flower Novelette Reprint

The Little Flower Different Deserves Special Club book is a unique repertoire of the cultural and historical experiences of a young girl growing up in the segregated south amidst the turmoil of the Civil Rights Era. The heroine, Little Flower, finds herself navigating the maze of life recognizing inequity and leading the fight for change while dealing with the struggles of young pre-teens. Issues of equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion are explored in a real-world perspective.


The book is embedded with digital and interactive media via QR Codes, which can be accessed using Smart Devices with a QR Reader.

“I love Little Flower! I’m trying to remember If I’ve ever felt this strongly, this quickly about a character. She has taken me back to my fifth grade year.. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed just looking at Bailey Hines! ‘Funny how people just appreciate flowers and don’t care about size, shape, color or anything else about them. People care about that stuff though, when it comes to other people. ”There on the second page Little Flower speaks the truth with insights that no ten year old should have to recognize. For me, she set the hook and I could hardly wait to find out how she handled this wisdom. The conversational tone of this first person narrative leaves me feeling that a friend has been periodically updating me on her life. The author has taught important life lessons in a style that is so appealing it takes a while to realize that is exactly what has happened. Closing the cover of the book leaves me wanting more.. Wonder where I could find Little Flower’s phone number?”   – Mrs. Jonny L. Trotti, Retired School Librarian


Reader Response Journal

The Reader Response Journal (RRJ) is structured to assess knowledge gained from reading “The Little Flower Different Deserves Special Club” book. The RRJ elicits knowledge by posing questions that include: Vocabulary, Author’s Purpose and Perspective, Figurative, Descriptive and Idiomatic Language, Plot and Development, Relevant Supporting Details, Problem/Resolution, Cause and Effect, Text Structure and Organizational Patterns, Character Analysis and Contrast, Point of View, Sequencing/Chronological Order, Character Description, Character’s Emotions, Conclusion and Cause, and more.

 Little Flower Different Deserves Special Club

School Packet

School Packet

The School Packet is comprised of the Little Flower Different Deserves Special Club Storybook and Reader Response Journal, paired with the Curriculum Development Guide (CDG). The CDG is designed to broaden the range of knowledge extracted readers in school and homeschool settings.


This CDG encompasses a fully developed instructional English/Language Arts unit comprised of lesson plans, formative and summative assessments, and instructional activities aligned to the WIDA English Language Learner Standards, American School Counselor Association Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success, Society of Health and Physical Education Health Standards, and Common Core English Language Arts Standards. Each lesson pro- vides educators/facilitators with practical activities to facilitate instruction aligned to the curriculum standards using The Different Deserves Special Club book. The lesson plans are differentiated to provide enrichment for advanced learners as well as remediation for students who may need additional reinforcement.


The CDG is designed to be a one-stop resource providing comprehensive instructional activities, materials, assessments, and rubrics offering educators and organizations looking to improve student literacy with:


● Rigor
● Relevance
● Relationship
● Reflection

The Little Flower Doll® is an 18″ Collectible Doll that critics say rivals the American Girl Doll in quality.  Our Little  Flower, a Multicultural Ambassador for Civil Rights and Anti-Bullying,” is not only a cute doll, but also one who educates. Her soft body is red in color in honor of those who shed blood during the Civil Rights Movement.

Little Flower
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